"You’re off the edge of the map, mate. Here there be monsters."

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He is just too cute.

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Mother and Daughter by juhaihai

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get to know me meme: [3/5] favorite female characters: constance bonacieux {the musketeers}

There is one thing. No one in the world could know, especially my husband. Teach me how to shoot. Swordfighting as well, I’ve always liked the look of that. Why should men have all the fun? Why do women have to be dignified and ladylike? 

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Sketch of the PPGs from the other night, what dorks! My good friend in 3rd grade and I were obsessed with this show. We once had a PPG themed slumber party, it was the coolest.


Sketch of the PPGs from the other night, what dorks! My good friend in 3rd grade and I were obsessed with this show. We once had a PPG themed slumber party, it was the coolest.

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"Comfort Women have been the focal point of a festering controversy in intra-Asian relations for decades. Some of these women are still alive. Their fight to gain recognition has recently resulted in a memorial statue in Glendale that is currently being protested by the Japanese government and its apologists, both in Japan and Stateside. While American and colonized Asian history books are clear about the war crimes committed against Asian women during WWII, the Japanese have opted to completely omit this atrocity from their history books, exerting a concerted effort on all mainstream media platforms to suppress, deny, and erase the voices of these women.

Valleywag’s cynical, flippant clickbaiting only adds to this silencing; by reducing Comfort Women to a punchline, they erase the history and struggles of hundreds of thousands of women who have fought so long and hard to bring their painful realities to light and their abusers to justice. Valleywag’s joke, and Gawker’s refusal to apologize fully on behalf of its authors and editors and change their editorial policies, are salt in the wounds inflicted upon Comfort Women. Gawker and Valleywag are profiteers and collaborators; they convert suffering into gold in a cynical alchemy; they create revenue off the backs of the women whose physical and now digital bodies are continually abused and violated. They are a travesty."

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From my Limited Edition zine You Don’t Know Me, made for Sticky Institute’s Feed The Animals 2014 (now all sold out, sorry!)

More of my zines and artwork on my Etsy store <3 <3 <3


I got this zine a little while ago in Melbourne and briefly fan girled over Gemma, who is a delightful creative beautiful human. Bless a power girl.

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Anonymous asked: Can you make something good again please.


Aw anon! I didn’t mean to be such a disappointment of an artist to you. Here you go

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"Racism should never have happened and so you don’t get a cookie for reducing it."

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magic isn’t real and printer ink is expensive by electrolemon

these vines are getting fucking ridiculous

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