lonely star tattooed upon her back


lonely star tattooed upon her back

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OK first you’re being a total dick right now,


OK first you’re being a total dick right now,

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omg fucking remus lupin was ssstsoned in prisoner of azkaban the whole time

it explains so much

"hey- ahahah - hey kid - why dont you just - just imagine snape - wearing your grandmas hat, oh m y god this is great, please do this"

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you’re walking in the woods

there is no one around

and your phone is dead

out of the corner of your eye you spot him

                                                                                                    shia labeouf

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a list of things remus lupin is good at:

  • finding people to purchase pot from
  • falling asleep with little or no warning, sometimes in the middle of class or conversations
  • never brushing his hair
  • smacking people in the face with his elbows when he’s excited about a story he’s telling
  • making bacon sandwiches
  • wearing mismatched socks
  • remembering in which old book he can find very obscure spells or pieces of information
  • giving head
  • making terrible puns and cackling at them even when nobody else in the entire world thinks they’re funny
  • winning arguments when he’s stoned
  • being emotionally masochistic and overdramatic inside his head but never telling anyone else about his problems
  • not holding children even when asked to pick them up
  • making lists that he throws away ten minutes later

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how to identify “boy” clothes and “girl” clothes


are you a boy? your clothes are boy clothes.

are you a girl? your clothes are girl clothes.

are you outside the binary of boy and girl? so are your clothes.

did someone just tell you your clothes don’t match your gender identity? they are a trashcan and their clothes are trashcan clothes.

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behold, it is i, the evil social justice warrior, here to ruin your fun by pointing out that you’re being kind of an asshole

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you dont even know


you dont even know

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